About Us

Carroway Cottage is a small family craft supplies business, based in the HIghlands of Scotland, specialising in fabrics and haberdashery run by Marion Bell - director, packer, buyer, cutter, floor sweeper.... wife, Mum!

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The Cottage

In 2012, after working as a Primary Teacher for many years, and newly married, I decided on a change of lifestyle and began selling handmade items locally at craft fairs and markets. Carroway Cottage was born, named after our little cottage on the outskirts of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. In 2016 the business evolved to selling fabrics and trims from our spare room. Very quickly we teamed up with Zoe at Nylon Headbands U.K. and became their first stockist of 'Dainties'. Our product range started to increase and as well as selling for the sewing market we now also specialised in supplies for making hair bows and accessories.  

As time passed the business grew and grew and the spare room got smaller and smaller! We needed a plan!

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The Move

In 2017, we made the huge decision to move back to my roots in the Highlands of Scotland to be close to family. Although we sadly had to say goodbye to the bricks and mortar Carroway Cottage, the business and heart carried on.

Now in a dedicated room in the new house..... surely we would have plenty of space? Little did we know within a year and half we were jam packed again and looking for more space!

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The Cabin

In 2019, the cabin was born! With fingers over our eyes, a 500ft portacabin was craned over our home into our back garden and made pretty by our amazing local trades men. We could breath again and we have grown from strength to strength ever since! 

We are truly a family business with my Dad, Mike, joining the team last year and coming in weekly to cut felt, count hair clips, chop glitter and anything else we throw at him. 

With a beautiful range of cottons, felt, ribbons, trims, mulberry paper flowers, hair clips and much much more there is something for everyone at Carroway Cottage. Any questions....be sure to get in touch, we are always here to answer any queries.